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Best Places to Visit in South India

26 Jul , 2018  

There is time in life to roam around the places where your heart desires. Where you actually want to be. And south India is the region which will amaze your soul with their enchanting lush green locations, waterfalls, and weather. Here we are giving you the glimpse of the south India through some of its best locations. You will certainly pack your bag and head toward south India after reading this for sure. Here they are.

1. Goa

You would have made a plan of the Goa in the college days don’t you? Well, the Goa is full of the scenic beaches and its stunning locations and has lured the travelers all around the world. Well not just beaches, churches but it’s a great place for biking expeditions and many more adventure sports as well.

2. Ooty

You can have the best fun of your life while sitting in toy train, boating or spending the peaceful moments at the Nilgiri hills. You ask any of the people who have visited it previously. They will not stop praising the amazing Ooty at all.

3. Mysore Palace

It is the second most visited building in India after Taj Mahal. Nearly it is been visited by 6 million people in a year. It is the most stunning building that has been reconstructed four times and still you could sense the ancient fragrance when you visit this amazing site. Mysore Palace is good to go if you are interested in south Indian traveling destinations.

4. KodaiKanal

Another beautiful destination of south India consist of many valleys, waterfalls and numerous of lakes, together with thousands of picturesque locations. Our main purpose of bringing the KodaiKanal in this list is that you could have the blissful time, as this is been least visited place in the south India. Thanks us later.

5. Silver Cascade Waterfall

One of the astounding place yet from the KodaiKanal. The excessive water from the KodaiKanal Lakes falls down ultimately making the waterfall. This waterfall becomes very attractive and charming during the very season of the monsoon. We recommend you to visit this amazing destination during the monsoon if possible.

6. Doddabetta Peak

It is very famous among the fraternity who loves photography more than anything does. Because of its stunning natural possessions, the morning, and sunset of this place becomes unbelievably romantic and memorable.

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