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23 Sep , 2016  

Senior Citizen Tours

If you love to travel and have not travelled a lot, it’s time to have some fun and enjoy the world in the way you always wanted to. This is the time to relish socialising, outdoor activities, make new friends and go to restaurants and gatherings. This is real time to connect with people, live the adventure and celebrate life. The best thing about senior citizen tours i... [Read more]


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Introducing Systematic Holiday Installment Program

3 Aug , 2016  

Up until today, taking a vacation required you to pay a lump sum amount as per the cost of the trip, or else taking a loan from the bank and then paying installments and the loan interest in addition. This substantially increases the costs of the tour. Heena Tours realised this difficulty of our customers and came up with the Systematic Holiday Installment Plan.

Instead of letting you spend more money, the Systematic Holiday In... [Read more]

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Heena Tours launches Android and iOS Apps!

6 Jul , 2015  

Heena Tours is a leading player in the tourism industry. We have always strived to bring you, not only the best, but also innovative tour packages. Our customers have been overwhelmed by our excellent service during the tour. We also take pride in being one of the handful tour operators who provide pure vegetarian jain food in our tours, at all destinations. This is made possible by our inhouse Maharaj (chef) who can make delicious and authentic Indian meals. Along with all these fantastic... [Read more]

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Heavy Discounts on Europe Tours!

6 Jun , 2015  

Europe Tours

We come to astonish you yet again!

Europe has always been a cherry on ice cream of all tours. It is very scenic and magnificent. The landscapes found in Europe are so breathtaking that you don’t feel like coming back home; well, unless you live in Europe!

You may have seen Europe but not like this. We take you to the most exotic destinations and rarely visited locations; and at the same ti... [Read more]