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8 Sep , 2018  

One of the countries that have the ancient roots and spans the thousands of mile territory that enclose everything that any traveler needs.  The journey to china could be a dream come true for the people who has the utmost affection for the history. Some of the places of china will take travel back you to the time when they were breathing. Alive.

We are presenting some of the amazing destination of the country who possesses the rich culture and numerous of traveling destinations that would entice you to take a tour around this country. Here they are.

The Great Wall of China

The construction of this wonder began around 2000 years ago, which covers 8850 Km.  It is the benchmark of the Chinese destination that took decades to build by the different dynasties. It is been visited by the millions of travelers every year and has become the part of numerous movies. There is no way you should not visit this destination if you are traveling to China.

The Bund

It is the embankment of the influential businessperson from late 1800s to early 1900s. It is among the prominent place where you can see the ancient architecture and history portrayed by the HSBC building.

The Forbidden City

It is also known as the Palace Museum.  The world heritage site declared by the UNESCO, Where the infamous portrays of the Mao Zedong has been located. It is so big that you will need hours to visit it completely.


The home of the amazing landscapes, it is the natural resources acquired by the Sichuan region of China.  It has various crystal blue lakes and waterfalls. The great way to begin the China tours for a natural view admirer.


Commonly named as the ‘Paradise of China’ is among the picturesque destination of china. This destination possesses  many temples, historical places, pavilions and numerous of sites that will leave you speechless and makes you to come more often here.


This city is known for its Potala Palace.  It is located more than 3000 meters above the sea level. It was the holy seat of Dalai Lama. Now a museum. You will have the peaceful moments when you are going to visit this site.

So, charming right? It certainly is. Heena tours and travels are offering the amazing tour packages for the various Chinese destination. Choose the appropriate Chinese tour packages that suits your budget and comprise all your destination that you want to visit and en-route for the China now!

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