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15 Jan , 2018  

The winter is here. The arrival of the winter has open up the gate of the many traveling destination. Moreover, of course the Europe is one of them. By the way, the Europe is the home of traveling. It is the ultimate place for the travel loving community. A dreamy road, the striking landscapes, the sky touching mountains, and above all their stunning greenery hiding behind the snow is nothing but the paradise of the earth. That is why Heena Tours offer the unique and amazing tour plans for the people who are eager to visit the Europe in this chilling season. Here are the Packages that Heena Tours and Travels offers for the person who loves travelling more than anything does.

The Best of Europe (20 Days & 19 Nights)

This biggest tour package is provided by the any touring agency. It includes the most part of the European countries and provides the thrilling tour experience to the traveler for about a month! The journeys of this amazing tour begin from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport and land you to the beautiful city of Rome. Resting that tired day in the hotel  we’ll going to proceed for the beautiful city of Rome and of course the Vatican city following. During the whole trip of this package, the tourist will visit Italy, Rome, Nice France, Innsbruck, France, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Pisa, Venice, Austria, Switzerland, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Ufff.. So many places that you even cannot pronounce in a single breath. During these 20 days of the time, you will be fully satisfied with the money you have invested in this Grand and the biggest Europe package provided by us.

Grand Europe (18 Days & 17 Nights)

This package is no less than the best of Europe package provided by us. Offering the beautiful scenery of the continent, Heena tours have included the every single destination, which is very famous in the Europe.  Following the 18 days touring around the one of the best places in the world you will surely going to put this memory into the showcase of your heart. The Grand Europe tour comprise of Italy, Rome, , Innsbruck, France, Belgium, Netherlands, United kingdom, Pisa, Venice, Austria, Switzerland, Paris, Brussels, along with the  amazing Amsterdam.

Glimpse of the Europe (15 Days & 14 Nights)

Especially designed for the people who are so eager to visit the Europe in the very economical budget. Heena take cares of their tourists more than anything does. During this 15 days period the Heena Tours will lead you to the finest destination of the world that you have just imagined in your dream. During this time of your leisure, you will come across the amazing cities, visually stunning natural landscapes, the stunning view presenting mountains; mouth-watering vegetarian food by the special staff along with you will have quality time for shop. During the time of the glimpse of the Europe tour, you will get to know the places such Switzerland, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, France, Belgium, Netherlands and of course, the charismatic united kingdom! Isn’t it exciting?

The charm of the Europe (12 Days & 11 Nights)

From the Snow covered mountains of the Switzerland to the City of love, Paris along with the some of the amazing  picturesque location  of the United Kingdom and the Beautiful France.  The charm of the Europe tour has it all. Being the most economical tour offered by the Heena tours, it certainly comprise of the amazing area of Europe that anybody would dream to travel once in the lifetime. It contains many sites situated on the top of the European altitude, beautiful places such Switzerland, France, Paris along with the striking scenery enriched United Kingdom. What else you want?

Eastern Europe (8 days & 7 Nights)

Nothing offers the touring locations as the Eastern part of the Europe does. Home to the centuries old buildings, numerous historical era portraying museum along with the museum for the Automobile lovers’ favorite spot BMW museum yes… We will take you there as well. Moreover, of course how can we forget the walk through the Castles of the Prague city that Eastern Europe is nothing less than a Paradise. During this 8 days and 7 night of touring you will not regret choosing the amazing Eastern Europe tour present by the Heena tours.

What Heena Tours presents that others would never?

On the First come first serve basis, the Heena Tours will offer the absolute 15% off on the Booking! Catch your breath people because there will not be a GST on online booking as well. During the whole trip of the European places apart from the amazing touring services provided by us has far more facilities than no touring agency would ever think of. Providing the Extremely vegetarian food from our Kitchen caravan you will not going to miss your home. The whole Touring food will be home like and has the strong roots from our Beautiful Country Including the all itineraries that have been previously decided. For exclusive information of the Whole itinerary of Europe tours, Inclusion and exclusion of the facilities, hotel information, inquiry and the visa procedure Log on to our site and know more.

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