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15 Sep , 2017  

Adventure is the only thing that pushes our limit and enhances the capacity of our strength that we have never felt before. It overcomes the biggest fear inside our soul and makes our journey more courageous and free. As a wise one once said, “ANYTHING THAT GETS YOUR BlOOD RACING IS WORTH DOING” and we cannot disagree with him at all. Many spend their precious time in jungle, far away from civilization to catch the refreshing breath, while some choose to spend their leisure in the lap of mountains. Some hike and test their ability while some surf against the giant tides and frighten the ocean.

It is exciting, bold and full of joy that brings the unforgettable experience and impeccable self-belief. The beauty of adventure is that it does not concern with the results. We often worry about what would happen. Will the result going to be in my favor? What if it doesn’t? Adventure doesn’t takes in the account of this negativity. It brings the experience that will remain in the vault where we store our finest memories. Adventure exists in everything what matter is how we pursue it. Uncountable it is tough but it brings the sheer positivity in life furthermore arise the hope to conquer the biggest fear of our own.

The education is the only thing that brings the intelligence, however the adventure has the spirit that overcome the strongest hurdles, opens the locked doors of deepest part of our self, and guide us to see the life with different perspective. That is why apart from studies and daily activities the adventure plays the vital roles in constructing the child’s persona. It will certainly make him fearless and will not hesitate to face the challenging situation in life.

That is why, in favor to build child’s attitude and for his courageous personality Heena tours presents the Adventure tour packages for your children. Through these adventurous trip he would able to display the talent in various adventurous activities such river crossing, white water rafting, rappelling, rock climbing, trust fall, Burma bridge, Jungle trek, Night trek, archery and many more. Isn’t it amazing?

The childhood is the best part of our life. It is itself an adventure and the curious phase of our life. No, doubt about that, so, give your child the unforgettable that will remain with them for life span. When they grew up the only thing that they would regret is the thing that did not do in childhood. Therefore, give them a gift, which will give them the thrilling experience and will stay in the collection of their memory for lifetime.

Evaluating all the requirements Heena tours brings the exclusive affordable adventure packages that will eventually boost the strength of child and stronger the self-belief in them. Adventurous activities certainly bring sheer positivity in the personality of child and eventually clear their future vision.

Here are some of the elements that will strengthen child’s attitude

1. Strengthen the skills and develop impeccable self confidence in their persona
2. It is full of challenges thus will strategy enriched mindset and resilient attitude
3. It will develop friendly relationship with parents.
4. It Inbuilt the independency in their mind-set.
5. It brings the awareness and cunningness.
6. It will stretch their ability to push the ordinary boundary and strive for the greatness.

Here are the facilities that we offer in favor to build child’s approach.

1. Arrange adventurous & fun tours on big scale during vacations.
2. Special planned journeys that is suitable for camping.
3. We also plan educational tours, Diwali camps tours for corporate institutions and schools.

Let the adventure be the vital part of your child’s upbringing, let them be more courageous than ever.

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