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Get ready for Dubai Shopping Festival

25 Dec , 2017  

One of the finest and biggest shopping festival is here people, that is widely regarded as shoppers’ paradise, is on the way to give you the ultimate shopping experience and enjoyment that you would never experience ever. On this year, this festival is going to be happening between 26 December 2017-28th January 2018. This could be your change to shop the items with far less price than the rest of the year and can indulge in to the various competitions, and would have a chance to win the bumper prizes.

Widely famous in the emirates, it does have the Guinness book record for being the longest festival been celebrated in the world. Apart from the lucrative deals it does offers the striking performances, glitter and many eye-catching events along with comprise of the fire work show which is the best activity that happens during the season. In addition, it doesn’t end here, while exploring the grand city and its various places you would come across the activities that would serve you the enjoyment with giving you the opportunity to save lots of money and of course gives you the chance to win something as well.

Overview of the festival

Dubai festival is the only event that happens in the world where happiness meets the exciting deals, amazing discounts and offers. And you know what you can buy any item you want without worrying about the tax. As every item available are taxes free. Some of the very items that attract the tourists are the gold, cars, electronic items, household things plus jewelry, souvenirs and much more.

Oops lots of talk about shopping right. The festival also organizes the theme parties and activities for families and kids where they can have the fun together and enjoy to the fullest. Some of these are street plays, rock concerts, movie screening, firework shows, and games (what kinds love the most!) along with international fashion shows. As this festival offers much more than any other festival it has been visited by more than 3 million people! This is the principle reason it caters the every age group of people.

Arabians markets

The major attraction in this festival are majorly malls, city centers and desert camps where you can see the plenty of peoples. The Arabian market will not have the place to move feet during this festival season. And the most popular market that would people visit that will be the Golden souk. Along with the spice market. Overall in few word we can say, not just the entire city but the entire world participate in this festival and indulge into the fun activities and test the delicious food offered by their multi cuisine restaurants.

The famous malls of Dubai

The glittering malls of the Dubai are the favorite destination for the shopaholics. They provide the luxurious brands clothing, accessories and other items with the massive discount during this season and the mall of Dubai aren’t made for the shopping only they possesses the largest aquarium of the world and in-house skiing facilities where you can have fun more than shopping itself.  Mall of emirates, Dubai mall, Burjman center, IBN Batuta are among the famous malls where you can indulge into the many activities instead just of shopping and can convert your holidays into the beautiful remembrance. The current markets of Dubai still have the ancient touch and you can see the historical touch in the every market you stopover. Well, the fun you will come across the Dubai shopping festival that Is distinct and cannot be seen in the any part of the world. So wait for what book your tickets with heena tours for the upcoming Dubai shopping festival 2017-18.

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