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Here we present the beautiful Atlantic Canada

1 Jan , 2018  

The amazing territory of the Atlantic Canada is made of stunning region of the various provinces. Each territory has its own distinct individuality, charm and of course the Coastal adventure activities along with their rugged marine time culture. Moreover, to mesmerize the travelers the Heena tours have the unique tour packages to satisfy the different need of travelers.

Calgary international airport, this is where your Canadian Rockies journey starts. Driving approximately 2 hours from there. We will reach at the Banff where we will take the leisure stroll. Following the morning, we will proceed for the Cave and basin Sightseeing. Later, discovered in1883, Federal Reserve of their government made it a “Rocky mountain park”.  In very town of the Banff, you will have the opportunity for Gondola rides, which located on the Sulphur Mountains, at the altitude of 7500 ft.  You will have the best walk around the Norman seasonal peak, isn’t it beautiful? You’ll also visit the places such bow fall and surprise corner, where you will get to know the full view of Banff spring hotel and later on Jack Jake and Minnewanka Lake.

Taking the quality rest at the hotel, the tourist will be taken to the Louise Lake and Johnston Canyon.  An amazing ski resort is also in the Canadian Rockies. Johnston canyon, where nature has shown it mesmerizing beauty, through the mountain water passing through the canyon and potholes from the decades. Later on, we will visit the Moraine Lake, the valley of the ten peaks. (I. e the most photographed sight in the Canadian Rockies) and of course the Chateau Lake Louise hotel.

After the breakfast from Banff hotel next day, the tourists will enroute for the Jasper, which is approximately two and half hour drive from there.  Through the Journey the tourists will indulge into the Colombia Ice field parkways widely regarded as one f the best eye-catching mountain roadways. This is also the home of hundreds of glaciers, turquoise lake and many waterfalls. These Athabasca glaciers are deeper than 1000 ft. deep.

The next morning, the tourist will be voyaging through the Rockies Mountains, Jasper national park; it is also a world heritage site. Then, Malinge canyon, Pyramid along with the Patrick Lake. Tourist will also come to see the Kamloops, which is amazing place for any visitors to get loose and play in those fields. It also has Thousands of lakes, Spectacular landscapes surrounded by the picturesque blue sky. Later on visiting the Vidette Lake, this is also declared as the “Centre of Universe” by the Buddhist monks.

After that beautiful day, our next destination will be whistler, where Olympic winter games held in 2010. During the Journey, we will pass the towns such Lillooet, Duffy Lake and Pemberton. In Whistler, This is going to be your best vacation time when you will visit the Peak-to-Peak gondola. This is one-mile distance from Blackcomb and whistler. This snow-clad mountain is high above 7000 ft. of altitude.

The following day we will be in the city of Vancouver, where you will take experience of lifetime by standing beside the Shannon Waterfall. Then tourist will take the sky highway roaming around the Vancouver city by the seaplane ride.  Catch your breath tourist because there’s lot more to come. We will take you to Capilano suspension bridge the North Vancouver where you could enjoy your walk 140 mts long, 70 mts above Capilano River. And of course cliff walk and treetop adventure as well.

Apart from that the tourists we will come across the location such Stanley park, gas town, Chinatown and downtown.

As you have preferred Heena tours, the next morning will be exciting as usual. As we will take you to day trip to Victoria, The capital of British Colombia through the ferry. After enjoying that ride we will en route for the world famous Butchart garden. Where world premiers are held and it is a national historical site of the Canada. About the 100 years ago it was nothing but the cement factory. It was developed later and become the world’s one of the top floral show! It is huge and divided into the Sunken, Rose, Italian, and Japanese garden. Later on the tourists will be en route for the famous harbor front They will be taken to the famous Empress of Fairmont group and Parliament of state and then after tourists will be move to their hotel room through ferry ride as they arrived through previously.

Exciting isn’t it? It certainly is. The Heena Tours will offer the amazing Vegetarian food made in the Indian way so you don’t have to miss your home anymore. Apart from that amazing staying hotel rooms which you are going to miss forever after coming back home from the Tour of Atlantic Canada!

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