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Japan- Endless Discovery

22 Aug , 2018  

Japan is the ultimate combination of the tranquility and chaos. Wherever you travel in this country, you will experience the both of it.  The peaceful mountain scenery, the chaotic Tokyo, along with the rich heritage they receive from their ancestors. They will be proud the way Japanese people have preserved it.  Japan tour offers the limitless fun, comfort and distinct touring experience that you will not going to have while discovering the other terrain of the world. We are presenting some of the destinations that will give you the glimpse about Japan tour. Here you go.

Mt. Fuji

Nearly 4000 meter above the sea level it is the active place for the volcanoes.  People around the globe and locals arrange the many camps every year to climb the mountain. It has the startling view from the Lake Kawaguchi could astound you.


Among the famous city around the world that have the stunning night life and many places such Mieji Shrine, Ueno park which is famous for their cherry blossom spring , Senso-Ji temple, Omotesando for the latest fashion, and of course the Disney Land of the Tokyo. Well, who on a earth do not want to visit the Disney Land?


We have all read, saw and heard about the tragedy that happens to the city in world war 2, 1945. The Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome gives the testimony of itself as well.  The peace memorial museum is among the prime attraction of the tourists.  Many of its tourist attractions and the dark history of the city makes it the worth visiting place for the Japan Tour.


This very city of the Japan is quite brilliant for the leisure as well. The Kinkauji temple of the city has the calmness that you will not find anywhere. This Zen Buddhist temple has many devotes.  Some of the others are Fushimi Inari, Senbon Torii. Well, there is a custom to donate at the Torii gate to make your wish come true. There are around 10000 Torii gates!  You can indulge into the shopping in Nishiki market, Nishijin Kimono shows are among few.

There are countless location and endless possibility to discover the true Japan for the people who love nothing much more than the traveling. Japanese people are kind and disciplined and have very special place in their heart for the tourists as well.  Japan trip offers so much that it is among the highest tourist traffic ration nations. Choose the tour package from Heena tours and book your ticket for this stunning place.

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