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Leh Ladakh- The Breath Taking Beauty

26 May , 2018  

Surrounded by the enchanting Himalayas and Karakoram mountains, it is one of the popular destinations located in northeast India. Because of the scenic beauty and many of the mind-mumbling locations and sites it has catched the attention of the tourist worldwide.  Leh Ladakh tourism acquires the rich heritage, unique natural beauty along with many adventurous touring activities locations that have attracted the tourist for years.  Being in the travel industry for more than 30 years we make available Leh Ladakh tour in tourist friendly budget. However, before we unravel the Leh Ladakh tourism we are presenting some of the reason to explore this place.

Reason to Travel Leh Ladakh at least once in life

  1. As this place is filled with many Buddhist Monasteries, temples, Monks the Leh Ladakh trip will be awakening for sure, gaining the Buddhist philosophy you could find the peace in yourself and have the better approach for life.

  2. Leh Ladakh is widely known as the capital of adventure sports in India because of the natural adventure friendly locations it has. Mountain cycling, trekking, river rafting, paragliding, whatever the adventure sports you name, Leh Ladakh tours have it all.

  3. It is among the fewest locations in earth, which still have the essence of the natural beauty since the beginning of the universe. Glaciers, snow enclosed mountains, Streams and rivers the Leh Ladakh tour do not disappoint any traveler at all.

Hope you will choose one of the above reasons to travel Leh Ladakh and if you do not then below location will certainly gain your attention and lure you to pack your bag and travel to Leh Ladakh right now!


It is one of the largest cities in this territory, and has many tourist attractions.  A nine level historical building, Leh palace, along with district’s Jama Masjid, war museum will great site to explore. Leh was a residence for the Royal families in ancient India.

Zanskar Valley

It is spread through the 300 km square area and reachable only through the high passes.  It is wonderful place for trek and we recommend you to visit this place from May to October if you are an avid trekker.

Nubra Valley

Surrounded with the snow capped mountains and lush green sights, It is one of the beautiful location of the Leh Ladakh tour. It is also known as the “Valley of flowers” as well.

Lamayuru Monastery

Located in the Kargil district, it is also the ancient monastery of the Leh Ladakh and has 450 monks in it. Note down this place if you are visiting Leh Ladakh.

Hamish Monastery

It one of the popular Buddhist monasteries and it is the hub of the many monks as well. If you are planning for Leh Ladakh tours then prefer to visit in June to indulge in the Hamish festival that falls during this month.

Here were our thoughts on Leh Ladakh tours. We offers the tourist friendly Packages for this stunning place. Visit Leh Ladakh through Heena tours for the amazing traveling experience.

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