Popular Tourist Attractions in India


Most Popular Tourist Attraction of India that Should Be in Your Bucket List

8 May , 2018  

India consists of traditional as well as modern locations that would lure every traveler to explore this amazing country.  The seventh largest country by area and the second in term of the population, the various cultures, religions and distinct rich heritage of the country makes it more special and colorful. Sacred sites, spiritual places,  exotic beaches , wild life sanctuaries and many national parks adds the unique touch to the beauty of this secular nation. Here, Heena tours is presenting you one of the amazing sites of this gorgeous country that will leave you speechless.

1. Taj Mahal, Agra

The most famous testimony that gives the magnitude of love, The Taj Mahal is among the well famous sites of the India. Took around 22 years to build this monument, it is broadly constructed of white marbles, and has decorated with the lapis lazuli, mother of pearls and jade which are among the precious stones in the world. Visited by millions of people worldwide Taj Mahal should be in the bucket list of every traveler.

2. The Golden Temple, Amritsar

Amritsar depicts the important history and culture of the Sikhism. This holy shrine is visited by the many of the other communities apart from the Sikhs. Majorly made of the gold, the atmosphere inside this holy temple fills you with the serenity and Devine blessing. Golden temple of the Amritsar is worth a visit.

3. Mesmerizing Beaches of Goa

Ever since the college, every Indian youngster plans to visit Goa at least once with his gang. Goa’s 60 miles of the coastline is the home of some of the amazing beaches of the world. It consists of lavish resorts, yoga gateways along with the spa vacations. It is the hub of national as well international travel fraternity who admires the lovely sea and sandy shores.

4. Pariar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

Build around the 1895 for the irrigation purpose by the Britishers now it has become the home of large number of the free roaming elephants in India. Besides, it has otters, wild boars, tigers and lions as well. Ornithologist would love this place as Kingfishers, Darters, hornbills, and the racket-tailed dragons.

5. The Pink City Jaipur

Widely known by the pink city of India, Jaipur should be in the bucket list of the every traveler.  The city is the prime tourism attraction of India as it has numerous of forts and palaces along with the scenic mountain enriched sites. Do you have any excuse to not visit Jaipur?

These were some of the attractive sites of India where you can spend your leisure with bliss. Heena Tours offer the amazing tour packages for the above touring site. Do see.

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