Most Popular Tourists Attractions


Most popular tourist attraction of the world

21 Dec , 2017  

Who do not love traveling? Actually no one. People around the world spend their quality time in the very places of the world whenever they get the free time. And it is necessary because no one deserve to waste the whole life above the computer screen. That is correct. Some prefer to travel alone where other chooses to travel with their family members. Here are world’s most popular tourist attractions that are top on the list of the travelers.

Central park, New York

USA any larger greenly areas but the central park of the New York City is tourist’s favorite one. Being spread on the 850 acres of land, it offers much more than its astounding greenly land. You could indulge in the activities such horse riding, visiting the zoo or climbing on the top of the 19th century castle, it has it all.

Meiji Jingu Shrine

To honor Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken, it was built more than 100 years ago. It is considered   the heaven of the Tokyo and annual visitors of this place are greater than 30 million, it has the epic nature touch as it surrounded by the 10,000 trees.

Niagara fall

Located between the border of the US and Canada, three waterfalls meet at this place. It spills the 6 million cubic feet of the water from the altitude of 165 feet every minutes. Gasp! There are thousands of waterfalls around the world but no one has that ferocity and strength that Niagara Falls does.

Great Wall of China

The great defense tool of the china, one it was impossible for the other emperor to attack china because of this massive wall of around 5,500 miles. The construction of this gigantic wall was begin way before the 770 B.C. It catches the worldwide travel’s attention as it is been visited by more than 10 million visitors a year. That is massive number.

Vatican City Italy

One of the most popular city for the Christians, it has the striking attractions as compare to the others and has been visited by the millions of the visitors every year. It has the iconic work created by the artists such Michael Angelo and stepping 320 steps above the marketplace you will come across the most famous landscape of the Rome.

City Paris

The romantic place on the earth, the Paris city is the hub of the tourist’s attractions. And if you are an art lover than there are more than 35000 master pieces of  the art that will surely going to give you the best enjoyment ever. Its 69 feet high glass pyramid and sky touching Eiffel tower adds the unique flavor to the Paris. Paris has the 9 million annual visiting traveler numbers.

Disneyland Orlando, Florida

The best and the largest theme park on the earth, this Disneyland is in the every family’s bucket list. Takes in the account of many roller costars, you can literally see the fictional characters of the Disney movie live there. It also includes the jungle cruise and space mountains, you will feel like in the dream when the Disney characters will parade right above you. With the more than 18 million visitors, this Disney Park is in every traveler’s bucket list.

Opera House, Sydney

Being Australia’s most famous signpost, no tourists will dare to ignore this place if he/she is visiting the Sydney.  You can have fun watching the different performances and would see the eye- catching sunset if you are visiting this place.  Opera house is been visited by more than 8 million visitors a year.

Well, this was our list. And these were the must watch places that every wander lusty would definitely visit. Choose your favorite spot and book it today with Heena Tours and Travels.

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