Kailash Mansarovar Yatra


One Life Changing Trip of Kailash Mansarovar

9 Jul , 2018  

The holy pilgrimage in the lap of Himalayan Mountains consider as the profound spiritual location especially for the Hinduism. This one of the highest and sacred mountain is located in the Tibet region of the Himalayas. It is spread over the area of 63 kilometers and is placed above the altitude of 20000 meters.  The picturesque location among this mountain ranges are breath taking as it is considered to be surrounded by the divinity lord Shiva.  You will come across the exciting sites while taking a trip to this serene place. Let us give you the sneak peak of the sites that you will visit while enroute for this holy place.

Kailash Mansarovar Pilgrimage Tour

It among the most difficult trek enroute to reach the destination. Throughout this whole journey, you’ll come across lush green valleys, snow capped mountains and hills along with the blue lakes. Yes, it is dreamy. It looks like the pyramid of the Egypt and known as one of the beautiful mountains of the China as well. It is mystical and mysterious as well. You will feel the divine presence when you would visit this place.

Lake Mansarovar Kora

It is the pilgrimage path around the circuit over 112 Km. It will take around few days to complete the whole journey. It is as holy as Mt. Kailash. Among one of the finest places of the world, Lake Mansarovar Kora is the finest and one of the most serene places as well.

Temples around the Mount Kailash

It has one of the biggest circumferences in the world and five monasteries surround it. Nyari monastery, Drirapuk Monastery, Gyangzha monastery and the Thylong monastery.  Besides the Nyari monastery, two of the other is located in the inner part of the Kora.  Each of the monasteries acquires distinct sculpture, statues, along with the many Tibetan cultural objects.  Not many of the monasteries are now well maintain because it continuously become the pray of stormy weather. However, some of it presents the accommodations to trekkers. It is among the fewest sites that changes the perception of our living and make us closer to the divinity.

There are some of the few formalities that you need to follow before visiting this amazing place:

  1. You need to have passport with the 6-month validity.
  2. Certified medical report displays that you are fit for trekking.
  3. Need to visit the Ministry of affair once the visa application is cleared.
  4. Carry enough warm outfits as it is very cold.

The Kailash Mansarovar is source and spirit for the many religions and it is been visited by the thousands every year.  Hope you will be one of the blessed who are going on Kailash Mansarovar Yatra this year.

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