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Places to Visit in Diwali Vacation 2018

29 Aug , 2018  

Everyone in our country loves the festival of lights. And Who don’t love Diwali? You will not find a single person who does not love this amazing festival in India. People especially in our country plan to spend these holidays in the different part of the country or the world. Travelers have to plan the Diwali vacation trips, as many people arrange their travelling schedule during these holidays. So, here we are giving you some of the most amazing locations where you can travel during Diwali and could make your Diwali tours memorable.


If you are looking for a quick adventure trip during the diwali tours then this is going to be your heaven. You can indulge in the various river rafting festival during the Diwali holiday travel and if you prefer to roam around in Thailand than it won’t cost you much as well.


The kids love rides, games and stuff. That is why Singapore will provide your kids an unforgettable experience for the rest of their childhood. At the Universal Studio, rides are themed on movies like Shrek, The mummy and Jurassic Park and they can have lots of fun during the 3D Transformers ride, which is based on the actual transformers movies. Even hearing about it could give you goose bumps. Doesn’t it?

Himachal Pradesh

You have worked long enough all year now give yourself a break and travel to Himachal for Camping. Apart from it, you can do river rafting, trekking, rock climbing and many more in Diwali vacation trips.


If you are looking for pilgrimage touring in this diwali then we recommend you to choose Amritsar for the Diwali tours. It is been said that Hargobind Sahib also came to the Amritsar on Diwali as well. Make your trip even worthy to visit this holy place.


One of the most visited city in the world.  Amazing touring sites, museum, rides, London has it all. Moreover, if your Kids are found of Sherlock Holmes then you could take them to the Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the Museum of the London as well. Isn’t it exciting?


Commonly known as “god’s own country” It the one of the amazing place on “planet” yes you heard it right. From the most scenic locations to enchanting tea gardens and delicious food, the Kerala has it all.


Apart from the stunning Eiffel tower, the city offers the gorgeous visual arts and performing arts during diwali festivals. Paris is going to be the ultimate destination for your Diwali vacation trips for sure.


During the diwali season, the community of the Newtown doubles prepare for the Diwali festival like their own. They presents the breath taking stage performances, Bollywood themed dance numbers, fashion shows, parties and fun fairs. A reason to visit this place though!

Above were some of our recommendations. Hope you will choose one of these locations from our exclusive tour packages for your memorable for Diwali holiday travel.

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