Places To Visit In September


Places To Visit In September

1 Sep , 2017  

It’s that time of the year again, the routine life is on its peak now and there’s no way out! Well, almost. A long weekend, a few days to spare will give you the memories to power through and inspire you to be creative at your workplace These are some of the perfect vacation tours for September:

West Coast or East Coast USA

Are you up for the West Coast nightlife of Las Vegas, or the New York’s melting pot of various cuisines? I’d say you couldn’t go wrong with either. The holiday travel to these places is a perfect change in atmosphere anyone would ever want.

New Zealand and Australia

Have you ever heard of Outback, the Opera House, or the Great Barrier Reef? This package is a perfect amalgamation of the natural beauty and the man made wonders, leaving everyone with a smile on their faces.

South Africa

Playing to its Geographical advantage, Cape Town is one of the most delightful places anyone could ever see. The beautiful sunsets, the boat rides, the wildlife safaris and Johannesburg. Sounds like the right place to get your creative juices flowing, and get more in touch with nature.


We know of its beaches, fiery food but first-time visitors to Thailand will find surprises and quirks aplenty to spice up their tropical holiday. You may think you know Thai food … until you get to Thailand. Generally, local menus offer a broader selection, unusual combinations of ingredients and a much spicier palate.  Sounds about the perfect destination for foodies.


A lively city where people from many different cultures live together, Singapore makes a fascinating holiday destination. Don’t be put off by the fact that Singapore has a tropical climate, as everywhere you go you will find air-conditioning. A cherry on top to this vacation tour would be Universal Studios, where kids and adults alike would have some of the best experiences to be cherished for the rest of your life.

Worried about planning? Fret not, we have the holiday tour packages waiting for you, all you have to do is get in touch with us.

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