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Short Trips for Long Weekends

15 May , 2018  

Whenever we see the long weekend even in the calendar, the pupil of our eye gets bigger! Yes, you will not see any person who do not love long weekends. Especially the people working in the offices celebrates the long weekend more than anything as they do not get more of the holidays frequently in year. Here we are suggesting some of the best mini tours that you would love to go in your Long weekends.


It is known for the mesmerizing beaches, beautiful palm trees, and mouth-watering continental food. Visited by millions of tourist from worldwide, it will certainly going to make your short trip into the remarkable experience of traveling. Previously build by the Portuguese community, Goa is hub of many catholic churches and you could indulge yourself into many adventurous activities like, skiing, surfing, sailing, Jet Ski, scuba diving and much more. Need more reason to visit this place for long weekend? It should be in your bucket list if you are planning for a long weekend fun.


If you love natural picturesque location and want to spend the quality time far away from the hectic schedule and traffics, it is the place made for you then. It consists hundreds of islands and enchanting green jungle, which, has catch the attentions of tourists for years.  Seawater of the Andaman is very far from the civilization that is why it is clear and could bring the utmost joy when you will indulge into the activity such Scuba diving.  Andaman is certainly place to visit when you are planning a mini trip for the short weekend. Go there, now!

Coorg and Bandipur

A local neighborhood from Bangalore, this place is made for you if you are planning your short trip to explore wildlife and sanctuaries. It would provide the ultimate fun and enjoyment for mini tours and will not disappoint you at all. If you are near to the Bangalore then you can have access to the numerous destinations like Mysore, Ooty, and Wayanda and may more.

Heena tours and travel offers the exclusive tour packages that are compatible with the mini trips. Along with the amazing traveling experience, we deliver the mouth watering pure vegetarian food that you will remember for the long time and it will certainly going to entice you to choose Heena tours for the every long weekend of the year. Take a break from your hectic schedule in long weekend, Choose Heena tours for your travel partner to make your short trip a remarkable experience.

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