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Why adventure tours important for the holistic development of your kids?

22 Aug , 2017  

Adventure activities are one of the crucial milestones that mark the development of your child. Children can learn and excel in studies, but they often miss out on important physical fitness and team building activities that mark the sign of a true leader. Inculcating a fitness regime from a young age comes a long way when your child grows up. What’s even better is it makes every child a storyteller. Imagine the joy of your daughter or son sitting beside you and telling you everything they did in the adventure camp. All the beautiful memories you would make along with them.

They say childhood is one of the precious things in life, as it only happens once. It’s important for child to live a fulfilling childhood. They would only remember the unique experiences they’ve had when they were young.

A major study by Play England, part of the National Children’s Bureau, found that half of all children have been stopped from climbing trees, 21 per cent have been banned from playing and 17 per cent have been told they cannot take part in games of tag or chase. Some parents are going to such extreme lengths to protect their children from danger that they have even said no to hide-and-seek.

‘Children are not being allowed many of the freedoms that were taken for granted when we were children,’ said Adrian Voce, director of Play England. ‘They are not enjoying the opportunities to play outside that most people would have thought of as normal when they were growing up.’

The Play England study quotes a number of play providers who highlight the benefits to children of taking risks. ‘Risk-taking increases the resilience of children,’ said one. ‘It helps them make judgments,’ said another. Some of those interviewed blamed the ‘cotton wool’ culture for the fact that today’s children were playing it too safe, while others pointed to a lack of equipment or too much concrete in place of grass. The research also lists examples of risky play that should be encouraged including fire-building, den-making, watersports, paintballing, boxing and climbing trees.

Kids want more adventure. They need it. It’s good for them. Parents need to teach them how; how to adventure, spot risks, and deal with problems if and when they occur. And then let them off the leash to explore and learn for themselves. Gradually, if you must!

We at Heena genuinely understand how you’d hold your reservations on having your children go out and explore in the Wild, so we’ve come up with adventure tour packages for your convenience and reassurance, feel free to contact us for more details.

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